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The Reckoners

The Reckoners

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  • Description

    Ten years ago... A mysterious burst in the sky gave ordinary men and women extraordinary powers. They're called EPICS.

    But every Epic turned out to be EVIL. Today in the city once known as Chicago an all-powerful Epic named STEELHEART reigns supreme!

    Nobody fights back... Nobody but THE RECKONERS! This is where you come in. You are a member of the Reckoners a skilled group of normal humans who assasinate Epics.

    Together you and your fellow Reckoners must work cooperatively to take down Steelheart and SAVE THE CITY!

    The Reckoners board game is a fully co-operative game for 1-6 players where everyone is working together to discover Steelheart's weakness and defeat him before the population of Newcago is destroyed. The gameplay utilizes a simultaneous dice rolling and re-rolling mechanism so that all players are performing their turns at the same time. The dice results determine your available actions but over the course of the game players will be able to acquire new dice improve their dice results with Equipment Cards and earn Plan Tokens to perform extra actions helping to mitigate the luck of the dice rolls. Then Steelheart and other Epics will respond to the players with unique actions of their own so players will have to choose their actions wisely and work as a team to save Newcago.

    • 6 Reckoner Miniatures
    • 1 Steelheart Miniature
    • 25 Enforcement Mniatures
    • 24 Special Dice
    • 18 White Dice
    • 1 Reckoner Resource Tray & Board
    • 7 City District Trays & City District Boards
    • 5 Steelheart Adjustment Boards
    • 1 Steelheart Power Board
    • 1 Steelheart Tray & Cutout
    • 1 Steelheart Research Board
    • 1 Steelheart Health Board
    • 6 Player Trays and Boards
    • 25 Epic Cards
    • 6 Player Ability Cards
    • 29 Equipment Cards
    • 6 Player Aid Cards
    • 8 Barricade Miniatures
    • 12 Epic Action Brackets
    • 1 Steelheart Movement Die
    • 5 Resource Markers
    • 9 Epic Research Markers
    • 9 Epic Health Markers
    • 20 Plan Tokens
    • 1 Sniper Token
    • 1 Rules Booklet

  • Details
    Publisher: Nauvoo Games