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Commander Legends: Battle for Baldurs Gate Pre-Release - Sunday 12PM

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate Pre-Release - Sunday 12PM

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  • Description

    Join us at Turn Zero Games for our Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate Prerelease! Players will receive their Prerelease kit, containing everything they'll need to build their deck! This event will be a draft event, with each pod containing 8 players, pitting you against pods of players from across the event!

    During the draft:

    • For the Prerelease event, players open, look at, and add their foil year-stamped promo to their draft pool before beginning the draft.

    • Each player drafts 3 Draft Boosters.

    • Each Draft Booster contains 20 cards.

    • Players pick two cards at a time.


    During Deckbuilding:

    • Players choose a legendary creature from the cards they drafted to serve as their Commander.

    • Players build a 60-card deck from their draft pool that matches the color identity of their Commander(s).

    • The singleton rule does not apply; players can include more than one copy of any card they drafted.


    During gameplay:

    • Players join multiplayer pods of 4.

    • Decks are exactly 60 cards, including the Commander(s).


    The winner of each pod will receive a set booster pack.